Mesmerized by the beauty, music and enthusiasm of folklorico dance that was introduced at California State University Channel Islands, a group of students joined forces in order to create their very own group, before the college group dissolved. With the natural allure of the Mexican heritage, we began to appeal to like-minded personalities. Those individuals soon flourished into Grupo Folklórico Fusión Mexicana.

Grupo Folklorico Fusion Mexicana was established in September of 2016, under the direction of Adrian Castellon and Carlos Mendez. The GFFM dance family is a dynamic group of individuals who all share a common love for the beautiful artistic movement of folklórico dance. We are honored to say GFFM is a perfect fusion of love, enthusiasm, talent and respect. All of our members are cheerful and passionate individuals who love to share the elegant and beautiful Mexican culture every chance they get. We not only love to dance, but we also educate and enlighten the community on these traditional dances by performing in various venues and countries.