Adrian CastellonAdrian Castellon
Adrián Castellón works as a Behavioral Therapist. He graduated from Rio Mesa High School in 2012 and from California Lutheran University in 2016. He has been dancing for 13 years and has been in multiple dance group where he refined his dance techniques. He has choreographed and performed in local places throughout Ventura County as well as out of town places like Sacramento, Fresno, Disneyland, along with out of country performances in Shanghai, Beijing, and Yungcheng. Adrián Castellón trabaja como terapeuta de comportamiento. Se graduo de Río Mesa High School en el 2012 y de California Lutheran University en el 2016. Ha bailado por 13 años en lo cual ha hecho coreografías y presentaciones en áreas locales del Condado de Ventura y en lugares más lejanos incluyendo Sacramento, Fresno, Disneyland, Shanghai, Beijing y Yuncheng.

Briana Amelia BaezaBrianna Amelia Baeza
Brianna was born in Ventura California and raised in Oxnard. She currently attends Santa Barbara City College and is a biology major. Some of her hobbies include hanging out with dogs, going to they gym, braiding hair and volunteering.

Fun Fact: Si fuera un tamal, sería de rajas con queso, because I’m cheesy y no me se rajar

Carlos MendezCarlos Mendez
Carlos Mendez grew up in Oxnard California and graduated from California State University Channel Islands with a BA in Communication and a minor in Chicano Studies. He now works at a school working as an assistant kindergarten teacher while also volunteering with the Future Leaders of America organization, FLA, teaching Folklorico to young adults in Santa Barbara. Carlos has been dancing for 14 years and had been in many different dance groups where he refined his dance technique. Carlos has also traveled overseas to Shanghai, Beijing and Olympic Greece to showcase the beautiful artwork and culture through ballet Folklorico and plans to continue to educate the youth on these traditional dances.

Fun Fact: Carlos loves themed parties and has a bowtie collection!

Christopher StoneChristopher Stone
Chris was born in Santa Barbara California and was raised in South Berlin, New York. Chris has been in the Navy reserves for three years and loves every moment of it. Christopher’s hobbies include but are not limited to Folklorico, video games and hanging out with friends.

Fun Fact: Chris is a hopeless romantic wearing rose colored glasses.

Coyolicatzi Cortes
Coyolicatzi Cortes

Coyolicatzi, also known as Coyo, grew up in Santa Barbara, California. She graduated from California State University Channel Islands with a BA in Sociology. She started dancing indigenous Oaxacan dances when she was about five years old with her family. She has been dancing Folklorico for about 3 years. Coyo also volunteers with the Future Leaders of America program, FLA, assisting Carlos in teaching Folklorico to young adults.

Fun Fact: Coyo is addicted to Hot Cheetos

Dafne E. AguilarDafne E. Aguilar
Dafne E. Aguilar was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised for part of her life in Guanajuato, Mexico. Dafne graduated from the University of Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Chicano studies. She also pursued a minor in Italian studies back in 2011. She graduated from Cal State University Northridge with a Masters in Social work in 2017. Dafne is currently in the process of becoming a licensed clinical social worker with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. She started her dance career very young. At the age of 3 she began jazz and ballet and Folklorico at the age of 9 when she lived in Mexico. Dafne has danced in with various dance groups in Guanajuato Mexico, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura County. When she is not working or dancing, she enjoys reading, creative writing, playing the guitar and ukulele and practicing the Italian language.

Fun Fact: Dafne is obsessed with paranormal and mystery podcasts.

Edgar SolanoEdgar Solano
Edgar was born in San Jose and raised in the evergreens of Salem Oregon. He obtained his B.S in Finance from California State University of Long Beach in 2015. Currently working as an accountant, he hopes to someday have his CPA licensing and become a C.F.O. He started his passion for Folklorico in 2016.

Fun Fact: Can pronounce all 50 states in a quarter of a second.

Elena Elisett CortesElena Elisett Cortes
Elena was born in Ejutla de Crespo, Oaxaca Mexico and was raised in Santa Barbara California, the “Hollywood of the North”. She currently works as a medical assistant in Santa Barbara. When she is not dancing, she loves to spend time with her family.

Fun Fact: Elena has represented Ejutla de Crespo in a dance performance at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Francesca MedinaFrancesca Medina
Francesca Medina was born and raised in Oxnard, located along the coast of Southern California. She attended CSU Channel Islands located in Camarillo, California. Francesca graduated in May 2013 with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business and a Minor in Economics. She continued her education at CSU Channel Islands and recently graduated in September 2016 with a Masters of Business Administration Degree (MBA). She began dancing Folklorico in 2016 and is planning on continuing in her newly discovered passion.

Fun Fact: Francesca bakes the best desserts known to mankind in her spare time.

Gustavo AhumadaGustavo AhumadaGustavo Ahumada and is a young experienced foloklorico dancer. Gustavo loves to play many sports but baseball is his favorite. Gustavo started foloklorico when he was 9 years old. He started dancing at the after school program at Juan Lagunas Soria.

Fun Fact: Gustavo loves to draw and is on the honor roll at his school.

Irene RodriguezIrene Rodriguez
Irene was born and raised in Oxnard, California. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Policy, Analysis & Management from Cornell University, and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Southern California (USC). Irene has been dancing for the better part of nine years; she continues to love the challenge of learning new dances and regions.

Jessica DecigaJessica Deciga
Jessica grew up in Oxnard California and is the eldest of five. Her favorite colors are pink and blue. Not only does Jessica love folklorico, she also has a fascination with Great White Sharks! Jessica’s best folklorico skill is being on time for rehearsal.

Fun Fact: Jessica researches the timelines of monarchy lineages of France just for fun, always remembers useless information,is knowledgeable of many different types of dinosaurs and has a savage level of 100.

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is also known as JLO. She grew up in Northridge California, which is located in the San Fernando Valley. She currently attends Pierce College and is working on her first year as an undergraduate. She plans on majoring in Bioengineering because her favorite subjects are math and science. She began ballet when she was three years old, and then began to dance Folkloric at the age of five. Jennifer has been dancing Folklorico for 13 years and is currently in a Folklorico dance group at California State University Northridge.

Fun Fact: One of Jennifer’s hobbies is learning different languages. She knows how to write, speak, and read a little bit of Korean. 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo)

Leylany RodriguezLeylany Rodriguez
Leylany Rodriguez was born in Santa Barbara but raised in Oxnard. She is currently attending Cal Lutheran University and is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Child and Adult Development. She started dancing Folklorico with GFFM since late 2017 and has loved it ever since! She’s excited on discovering and learning new regions of Folklorico.

Fun Fact: Leylany paints and sells her art ! Her Instagram is @lacatrinitafacepainting. Check her out!

Maira VasquezMaira Vasquez
Maira was born in Ventura and raised in Oxnard California, home of the strawberries. Maira is currently attending Ventura College and will be transferring to California State University Channel Islands, Go Dolphins! She will be pursuing a nursing degree in order to give back to her community. Besides dancing folklorico, Maira is an intense gamer! She can take on anyone to dares to challenge.

Fun Fact: Maira enjoys dancing by herself in her room like there is no one watching!

Miriam TorresMiriam Torres
Miriam was born and raised in Ventura County just 15 minutes form the coast. She graduated in 2018 from California State University Channel Islands with a B.S. in Health Sciences and a B.A. in Spanish and a certificate in translation. Miriam has been dancing for about 6 years and hopes to continue dancing and one day pass it along to her family.

Fun Fact: Give Miriam a bag of Hot Cheetos and she will love you forever.

Monica LeonMonica Leon
Monica Elias Leon is a Mexican American 9 year old. She is in grade school and enjoys math and writing. Monica is the youngest and only girl of her siblings. She has been dancing and performing since she was four years old and has been focusing on Folklorico for almost three years now. Monica practices her moves EVERYWHERE she goes and her love for Folklorico is one of a kind.

Fun Fact: Monica is very good at drawing

Valerie CastellonValerie Castellon
Valerie was born and raised in Ventura County. She currently is enrolled at Rio Mesa High School and will be graduating in June 2018. She is planning on studying to become a veterinarian to help animals. She has been dancing since 2013 and doesn’t see herself stopping any time soon.

Fun Fact: Valerie has a dog named Butter!

Vanessa CamachoVanessa Camacho
Vanessa grew up in Ripon, the Almond capital of the world, which is located in central California. She graduated from California State University Channel Islands and has her BA in Communication with a minor in Chicano Studies and Art. Vanessa has been dancing for 3 years and plans on opening her own dance studio for individuals of all ages in hopes to pass down her culture.

Fun Fact: Vanessa’s hair has been every color of the rainbow.

Yessica Arroyo MartinezYessica Arroyo Martinez
Yessica was born in Santa Barbara California and was raised in El Armadillo, Michoacán Mexico. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology while double minoring in Latin American studies and Global studies at UCLA. Yessica is currently an admissions counselor at University California Santa Barbara, where she actively serves on the UCSB United Way Campaign Committee. She is a dancer of over 6 years and has performed countless of times in California and in Greece. Not only is she an amazing dancer, she is also a thyroid cancer survivor. She initiated her surgery and radiation at the same time she was at UCLA. After being in remission for more than three years, she is currently fighting this disease again after being informed she is recurring as of 2017. Not only is she a survivor and a fighter, she is graceful, elegant and talented.

Fun Fact: Yessica is a choir member for St. Raphael’s Voces and Guitarras and serves as director of Coro Resurrecion for Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish along with being a snare drummer for Banda Reina de Santa Barbara.